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over 1 year ago

Information about final submissions

Dear Participiants! 

The Hackathon is slowly coming to an end and we are more than excited to receive your final projects and artworks! 

Here are some final pieces of information for the submissions: 

#1 The submissions will still happen via Devpost in the Submission section.

#2 We ask of you to create a 5-minute video to your submission explaining your project. You can use the same guidelines we've provided you with for the interim presentations. Please be advised: In order to be up for a prize, a explanatory video presenting your work is necessary! The video is easy to incorporate in the Submission tool via Devpost.

#3 We would like to also remind you of the importance of building and working with interdisciplinary teams. The spirit of the hackathon is translating through the cooperation between AI-engineers AND artists.

#4 The gallery for public voting will open soon!

Wishing you best of luck and success!


The SAAI Team