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almost 2 years ago

Invite to Interim Presentations on August, 21st 3pm-8pm UTC

Hi everyone, 

We are getting closer and closer to the Weekend of the Local Hubs. As you already could take from our Hackathon Plan and Dates, we would like to host voluntary Interim presentations on Saturday, 21st. These will happen physically and virtually via Zoom between 3pm and 8pm UTC (Universal Time Zone, please make sure you check what this means for your time zone)!

What to expect? 

We want to invite the teams to present their current project progress and pitch their general ideas with the jury present. Each team will have 5 minutes to present and 5 min to receive feedback and advice from the judges. Details on how a pitch works and what is expected from this will follow soon!

How to register:

For planning purposes, we would like you to use this doodle (below)  to pick 3 time slots of preference, and we will then assign one to you. When Doodle asks you to enter a name, please type in "Team: Name, name, name,.." or "Solo: name" - this is required for us to provide you and the judges with a proper timing schedule!

If you have any questions, please contact us via 

To avoid any confusion: the interim presentation is not mandatory to take part in the hackathon. It should give you the opportunity to generate some more input and to reach out if you need more team partners. Also you can already get some feedback from the judges to help further developing your project. 

We are looking forward to open up the stage for you and get great input from your teams! 

All best,