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almost 2 years ago

Local hub registration

Hey everyone!

In less than two weeks the official hackathon weekend will take place.

From August 20th to 22nd we want to invite you all to join our local hubs in Hamburg, Zurich, Lagos, Thuwas, Riyadh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad und San Francisco.

Registration for participation is mandatory. Since there are only a few places avaliable in each location and local hub, we would like you to send us an email to register. The limits of places per location are the following:

  • Lagos: 5 pers.
  • Riyadh: 20 pers.
  • Thuwal: 15 pers.
  • Mumbai: 8 pers.
  • Bangalore: 10 pers.
  • Hyderabad: 10 pers.
  • Zurich: 12 pers.
  • Hamburg: 6 pers.
  • San Francisco: 5 pers.

After your registration we will send you a confirmation.

First come first serve, so be quick!

To register and save your place in a local event, please send uns an e-mail via

Please use the subject: Local Hub + [Name of City] and state your full name, the location of the hub you want to participate in and your e-mail adress.

We are happily awaiting your registrations and are looking forward for an exciting weekend.

Thank you all!

The SAAI Factory Team