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almost 2 years ago

Reminder: SAAI Kick-Off / Symposium

Hi everyone! 

We wanted to remind you that the Kick-Off / Symposium event starting tomorrow! You can access the Symposium any time through the Link you find in the section "Symposium & Workshop Program".

In this symposium we want to open up the creative process with a stream of  ideas and mind-boggling examples. We invited experts and pioneers that enable the field of Artificial Intelligence to go further and expand to share their passion, knowledge and inspiration with the audience. With a series of events we want to offer participants as well as anyone interested in Art and AI a spectrum of current perspectives and developments within the field. Through workshops the viewers will be given access to technical knowledge surrounding machine learning that is being applied in artistic fields of music, sound, image, pictures, motion, movement, language and text. Through keynote speeches and input talks, the speakers will sketch out the past, present and future of AI intertwined with Art.

See you there!

The SAAI Factory Team