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almost 2 years ago

Registration-Stop: Workshop `aiXdesign ́ Creative Kitchen


--- This workshop is already full, please take a look at other workshops available during the Symposium ---

Hi everyone! 

Within the SAAI Factory Symposium next week there will be a workshop offer on Design and AI hosted by Peter Kabel and his students from the HAW university in Hamburg. This specific workshop is created for designers and artists who want to dive in working with AI. 

Since this workshop is restricted to 25 persons, we would like you to send us an email at (Subject: aixdesign registration) and we will then send you a password  for the Zoom Room. First come, first serve!

Workshop description:

Students from the Department Design offer pre-arranged experiments. Participants can replicate these experiments, varying them using platforms such as RunwayML, Style GAN, or GPT-3. Under the moderation of Prof. Peter Kabel, the assisting students and (parts of) the participants, experiences and results will be discussed. The goal is to reduce the threshold fear of less technically trained creatives when dealing with data sets and AI models. And, to strengthen the understanding of creative questions on the part of more technically trained participants. 

Duration: Cooking: 2 hrs & Digestion: 1 hr Please, RSVP, workshop is restricted to 25 pers. 

All best from the SAAI Factory Team!