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almost 2 years ago




Hi to all participants, 

The hackathon is in the making and we're happy to have you here! Currently we want to spread the word even more through social media, for an audience or maybe other future participants! Since we have so many interesting participants coming from various backgrounds in the field, we'd love for all of you to help us with a video campaign. Our plan is, to have various participants represent their idea of AI & ART in a small 10 sec video. We'd be so happy to have as many of you represented as possible. So what we're asking of you, is to send in a quick video, your name (and Instagram name). 

Instructions: Record yourself, introduce yourself, and answer one of those questions: "I'm interested in AI, because..." ; "From this Hackathon I expect...." or "My vision for AI in the future is..."

If you want you might use some face filter!?


Deadline: July 21st


So, if you're interested in participating in this video campaign, you can send your videos to Sarah: either through slack DM, or her email address ( with the subject "video campaign". 

Or, you can share it in our telegram group:

or, use one of our social media channels:


Looking forward to your participation and thoughts about AI and Art!